Who are Ambassadors?

 Ambassadors are the referral network that helps Palmetto succeed in achieving it's mission of 'leading the world towards a clean energy future'.


It’s up to you - work hard, get results and earn however much you can. We don’t cap earning. Some Ambassadors generated up to $100,000 in 2018. Those Ambassadors primarily generated their income by referring homeowners to Palmetto. However, more Ambassadors are growing income by referring sales partners to our platform. Visit www.palmetto.team/income to learn more about the earning potential.


You can earn money by referring Homeowners, Sales Partners and Ambassadors, here is how:

  • Sign a business introduction agreement ("BIA") with Palmetto - you can obtain it three different ways:

    • email sales@palmetto.com;

    • call 843.720.1844;

    • download the Palmetto Ambassador Application;

  • Use the App to complete referrals

  • Receive payments weekly on as-and-when basis that your referrals achieve threshold milestones


Ambassadors are the lifeline to Palmetto’s ability to grow through referrals and networking.

  • Ambassadors refer Palmetto to sales distribution partners who can generate an income via our platform, Alchemy. 

  • Ambassadors also refer Palmetto to homeowners who can save money through solar power and other products. 

It's a "win-win" for everyone. Ambassadors also earn an income by referring Palmetto.  "Contact Us" and learn more.

how does it work?

This is Palmetto's referral mobile application ("App"). Here is how it works:

  • We have three types of customers that you can refer to Palmetto and make money for the referral:

    • Homeowners: Individuals who are interested in saving money with solar power and own a home; 

    • Sales Partners: Individuals or teams that are interested in marketing solar to homeowners

    • Ambassadors: Individuals who refer Palmetto to Homeowners and Sales Partners

Want to learn more?

If you have any questions contact us at 843.720.1844 or sales@palmetto.com