101 - The basics

 First, let’s start with what Palmetto stands for. We are a clean technology company focused on distributing hardware (such as solar power) and software products to homeowners. The result is the broadened impact of transitioning our economy towards a clean energy future. While there are many ‘feel good’ aspects to our company and our values - the truth is that most homeowners purchase our products because it helps save them money. here are the basics:

  • Solar Reduce utility bill by 10% to 30%

  • $0 down and can be financed with low monthly payments

  • Multiple financing options

  • Real-time software analytics with your solar system

  • Palmetto service guarantee

  • Palmetto Cares - Fast & friendly service


Why use Palmetto's Alchemy to market and sell solar to homeowners?

  • we offer a simple platform (called “Alchemy”) that offers scalable software and complete fulfillment capabilities in all of our markets

  • work as hard as you want and make as much as possible - we do not cap your income potential

  • get paid quickly with our guaranteed payment timelines

  • build a company or teams - you can work at your own pace or can scale quickly and build a Company

  • Full support: lead generation tools, consumer financing, company financing tools, success coaches, tech support, accounting, banking, etc.

  • Quick set up & highly scalable

  • Collaborative partnership and welcoming support with open invitation to visit our offices at anytime

  • Highly experienced company and leadership team that is capable of answering your questions (if we cannot, we will find the answer)

  • Detailed digital library with wealth of knowledge to help you understand the market

  • Building nationwide program - work from nearly anywhere in the USA (as and when we open markets)