Palmetto is the leading clean technology software and fulfillment company. Palmetto is scaling the deployment of consumer cost-saving clean technology products such as solar power, energy storage, demand management systems and other energy efficiency products through our proprietary software platform.


Our model is focused on a growing platform sales partners who are seeking to generate either primary or secondary income through sales commissions earned on our platform.  Members earn commission by marketing and selling clean technology products such as solar power & energy storage. It’s a simple five-step process for a sales partner to contract a prospective customer. Palmetto takes care of the rest. In doing so, we offer sales training, fulfillment execution and long-term customer service, support and additional product/service sales through a simplified, streamlined platform called “Alchemy”.


In a recent survey conducted by The Hustle, approximately 35% of working professionals seek a ‘side hustle’ to supplement their income – most popular are real estate agencies and other companies such as Uber, Lyft & Instacart.  It’s referred to as the ‘gig economy’ and people want to work for themselves. According to the survey, the average ‘side hustle’ generates an extra $16,000 in secondary annual income. To draw a comparison, the same representative could earn the same amount on our platform with three transactions (and with a lot less work in a lot less time).

 Palmetto’s lead product, Alchemy, offers a long-term career opportunity, the ability to earn up to a six figure annual income, flexible work hours, nationwide flexible work location, a positive ‘feel good’ product and a hugely supportive culture.  We are solidly marching towards this vision.

At Palmetto, we are focused on scaling our market footprint through growth of our sales partners membership on Alchemy and product sales.  It’s a unique model to the clean technology sector.